Backa Mikael started his career at the Royal Swedish Orchestra in Stockholm playing the viola. After some years in the orchestra, he left for Great Britain in 1984 to study violin-making at the Welsh School of Musical Instrument Making and Repair. The training was completed in June 1987 with a Certifcate of Distinction.

He has now built a good reputaion and works with members of all major Swedish orchestras as well as amateurs and students on all levels, doing repairs, restoration and new making. Having worked as a player himself he is familiar with the problems one can encounter with badly adjusted instruments, and has specialized in fitting-up and tonal adjustments.

Bow-rehairs is something he pays special attention to, and several customers have expressed their happiness with the quality of his rehairs.

He has taken part in violin-making competitions in Sweden, England and Germany. In 2005 at the 5th International Violin Making Competition in Mittenwald he got rank 6 for a viola, which received specially good comments for its tonal qualities and playability.

In the shop where he sells instruments, bows, cases, strings and all kinds of accessories like chinrests, shoulderrests, rosin etc, he welcomes players on all levels for repairs, restoration and trying out instruments, both newly made and antique. Whenever you have a special need, don’t hesitate to contact Backa Mikael!